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Family Counseling

Troublesome family dynamics can interfere with the functioning of everyone involved. When family members are in conflict, the tension can impact each family member’s mental and physical health and relationships.

Family counseling helps families collaborate to address problems. The course of treatment is often brief and seeks to address the communication styles of the family as well as individual issues that may be interfering with feeling connected within the family.

Family problems don’t have to be severe to warrant therapy. Families can expect to learn to understand one another better, communicate more effectively, work proactively to understand each other’s concerns and meet each other’s needs, and experience more joy, harmony, and connection.

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I may see the family as a group or with just one or two family members at a time. Some problems within the family can be addressed by working solely with the parents. Family counseling can be done with children old enough for talk therapy (generally starting around 12 years old) all the way up to adult children and their parents. My primary modality when working with families with young children is play techniques.

What are the Benefits of Family Counseling?

  • Better understanding of healthy boundaries and family patterns and dynamics
  • Enhanced compassionate communication
  • Improved creative problem solving
  • Deeper empathy
  • Reduced conflict and better anger management
  • Increased love, joy, and connection

If any of the following describe your family, you’ll likely benefit from family counseling with me.

  • We (whether parent/child or siblings) are adults and want to mend a strained relationship.
  • We’re (getting) divorced, and need help with co-parenting. We want to help our child(ren) feel supported and loved no matter what.
  • Our child seems unreachable and we don’t know how to connect with them anymore.
  • Our child struggles with anxiety and is hard to reassure.
  • Our child is gay or transgender and we don’t know how to support them.
  • We have a serious medical diagnosis in our family.
  • We’ve experienced something traumatic.
  • We can’t seem to communicate without yelling.
  • Things will be good for a while—and then there’s conflict again.
  • Our child is having problems in school.
  • The trust in our relationship is lost.
  • Sibling rivalry is creating constant stress.

A further note about my practice: I am committed to continually be learning about current systems of oppression and how they do harm. I take accountability for any offenses that I may cause and value feedback so that I can expand my knowledge and not cause harm.I am committed to creating an environment that is welcoming and affirming of people from different races/ethnicities, sexualities, gender identities, class strata, abilities, and religious/spiritual orientations.I have and am committed to taking special training and receiving supervision around these identities/systems and have the ability to consult with someone around identities I don’t personally hold.

All of my clients are seen, heard, and respected for exactly who they are.

I encourage you to schedule a free, 15-minute call to see how working with me may help you and your family. Please call or text (843) 310-3202

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